Friday, January 3, 2014

#8 Switch!

A couple of days ago Ivy got separated due to her bleeding backside.  Then Rachel got separated because she then turned her attention onto Ebony and started doing the same thing.  The first night went fine for both "separees".  Rachel was more notably ready to be out of her kennel than Ivy, but still, she was dealing with her confinement just fine.  Yesterday, Thursday, I decided that since Rachel was being separated, that maybe Ivy would be okay rejoining her sisters in the coop.  Her backside had healed enough that it wasn't bleeding anymore and it would be warmer for her in the coop; especially important for her exposed backside.  I put Ivy back in the coop and checked on her frequently for several hours.  Yep, everything was just fine.

Since I had displaced Buster the dog from his kennel to give to Rachel (he was not happy about his new sleeping arrangement), I switched Rachel over to the extra kennel I was using for Ivy.  In the process of all of this, however, I knew I needed a way to heat her water.  I went to Orschlen's and found a bird bath heater called The Rock to put in her water bowl.  It is heavy enough that when she stands on the edge of the bowl (or in it), it doesn't tip over and it doesn't get too hot.  Perfect!  Pricey, but perfect.  I also found a very cute small hanging feeder so feed isn't all over the kennel.  Now to put it all together.

This was her first setup.  She was constantly getting hay in her water and dumping feed out all over the place.

 Her new cute hanging feeder.  This one she just pecks the feed out and not fling.
Her water bowl with The Rock in the middle.  It sits on a piece of board.  She still kicks pine shavings into it, but not as much as before.  And, yes, shortly after is picture was taken she did poop in it.  Oh well, only so much you can do.


So now Rachel is the only chicken in the barn.  I'm pretty sure that dog Buster would really like to eat her (for real), so I am very sure to keep him away from her.  The cats have been mildly curious, but don't seem to see her as food.  I take her out of the kennel when I can and pet and cuddle her.  I'm afraid to let her go as she could end up in the rafters of the barn; she probably wouldn't, but my luck ...  I need one of those chicken diapers with the leash attachment.

Tomorrow she will get a special treat - her own personal music.  I purchased some great meditation music and a cute speaker system to play it.

Namaste and Aho

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