Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#13 Dust Bath in the Zen House

Today when I went out to check on the Zen House girls, I got a surprise.  It was bath day!  Ebony was having a big time scratching and flinging shavings all over the place taking herself a wonderful dust bath.  Raven decided she wanted the prized spot that Ebony had found and scooted her out of the way.  Their waterer was completely filled with shavings, but I decided I really needed to wait for bath time to be over before cleaning it.  The photobomb in the video is courtesy of Gretchen who flew off my shoulder and back into the coop.

A half hour later I came back with the idea of cleaning their waterer.  But, wait!  Bath time is still going on full force.  It wasn't until after 2:00 when I normally feed that I was able to do clean up.  But, everyone was happy considering they haven't been outside in what seems like forever now.

Rachel update:  She is still hanging out in the barn.  She is happily clucking and pecking in her playpen during the day.  She has a new flock block that keeps her busy.   She is laying the largest eggs.  The other girls eggs range from 60 to 65 grams.  Hers range from 70 to 75 grams.  They are even bulgy in the egg carton.

Namaste and Aho!