Saturday, March 1, 2014

#14 Rachel Has a Friend

Rachel has found a new friend in the barn.  Molly the cat has decided to take up conversation with her from time to time.  Sometimes she comes over to Rachel's day pen and meows at her.  Rachel will walk over to her and just look at her and quietly cluck back.  Sometimes Molly will lay down next to her pen and just hang out with her.

But then, you notice the foot sort of creeping into the pen?  So did I.  I managed to get the video started just in time for the action.  You have to pay attention to the very beginning because it happens quick.

Today, I was putting Rachel in her day pen and Molly decided to come in too.  This is the first time she has done this.  She was okay with it until Rachel turned around and started walking towards her.  I think she was thinking the same thing I was, "Is she going to peck my eyes out?"  Could happen.  So Molly calmly left the pen and Rachel went back to her chicken duties.

Now that it's March, I (we) are hoping warmer weather is on its way.  Last night was -9 F.  Everyone did well.  I brought Buster the dog in which gave me the ability to put more heat onto Max.  This morning after chores I brought Max inside to warm up for a couple of hours.  The day is getting warmer (10 as compared to a high of 2 yesterday) and sunny with little wind.  The dogs are out, Rachel is in her day pen and the Zen House girls are taking a dust bath in the coop in a sun spot.  All is well with the world!

Namaste and Aho!