Monday, January 27, 2014

#12 Windy Days!!

This month has been full of very windy days.  Being the geek that I am, I have a weather station at my house.  I keep close track of the temperature's ups and downs and lately the wind.  We have had 3 days just within the last 10 days of over 50 mph winds, 2 over 40 mph, and 5 over 30 mph.  I really need for this to stop.  I always marvel at how the women in the plains going westward ho managed with all that wind ... all the time.  No thanks, not for me.

The real problem with the wind during the winter besides the obvious cold factor, is that since we have the north side of the chicken's pen tarped it acts like a giant parachute and it goes for a little ride.

And then, amazingly, the force of the whole when the wind is 50+ mph actually moves the coop too!

This is not good!  Last night the wind blew at 52 mph and moved the coop some more.  The girls are actually a little tilted now.  Their hanging feeder is no longer plumb to the floor.  Hmm.  I think we have decided that a more permanent measure needs to be taken.  Hopefully this Spring we can get a post drilled permanent enclosure built and solve this wintertime problem.

On the Rachel front ... well, she is still living in the barn.  I have no idea how to integrate her back into the flock without serious injury.  I don't know if we can anymore and if this is a permanent oops or not.  It's been 26 days now since she was separated.  She is doing well in her kennel and playpen setup.

I caught her taking a dust bath in her playpen today.  It's always very funny when they do that.

It's gotten colder again, but everyone is doing fine.  I think we are all hoping for an early and warm Spring.  The days are definitely getting longer now, so Spring can't be too far off, well okay, maybe a couple of months.  I can always hope.

Namaste and Aho!

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