Thursday, January 16, 2014

#11 Supervised Visitation

Poor Rachel has been separated from her flock now for how many days now?  Oh, right, 15.  I have determined that it must take a very long time for butt feathers to grow back in.  I can't seem to find any information on that subject; it all has to do with molting.  Well, they definitely did not molt; they had some outside help.  Everything I've read says either several weeks or not until after they molt.  So, in other words, a really long time.  Hmm.

Because it's been so cold and windy out lately I just cannot spend a great deal of time outside.  I have been wanting to put Rachel back with the flock with "supervised visits".  However, because of the weather, this has not been possible.  Last night, however, it was reasonably warm, 38 F, and I decided to let all the girls out to free range.

I brought Rachel out first and then opened the gate to the chicken pen.  Everything went pretty well at first.  For some reason Ebony got lost in the pen and couldn't find her way out.????  Raven and Rachel bumped chests a couple of times, but I broke it up and everything seemed okay.  That is until Ebony finally made it out and reintroduced herself.  It was bad.  She was really not happy with Rachel (do chickens hold a grudge? "You yanked my butt feathers out and now I'm going to kill you.")  Oh yes, she was out for the killing.  I really had to shove them apart.  As long as Ebony was not around, everything was fine.  Rachel did not even look at anyone's butt.  So now Ebony is the problem child.  What do I do??

 Rachel off by herself.  Poor Rachel.

All the others gathered around the chicken yard. (Chicken on the right is not Rachel)

Still no Rachel.

Ebony with her new denim Supergirl cape on.

Maybe that's what I need to do ... put a Supergirl cape on Rachel so Ebony can't get a mouth/beak full of feathers.  Oh well, today, Thursday, it's super windy with wind gusts up to 44 mph so far, so no, I will not be getting the girls together today.  Hopefully soon this will resolve and all will be peaceful in the Zen House once again.

Namaste and Aho!

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